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Art Should Be Reproduced

Printing is the artists equivalent to a musician making a recording. It can then be shared with many people other than those standing if front of the original art or music. Printing and reproduction also makes art affordable and more useful for all. I have been printing for more decades than I care to admit. I learned by doing it and from other printers as my interest grew. I have literally hand screen printed millions of items but I have also owned offset and litho presses. Learning and understanding printing is as important as the art itself. Education equals quality. Currently I am re possessed with sticker printing. The latest printing methods and materials are insane. Check out my new stickers, what i consider fine art quality stickers. Support your favorite artists and  self publish whenever possible! -Otis

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My garments are printed and fulfilled through Threadless. Each shirt is printed to order, this takes on average 10 days. Shipping here is a bit slower than my other items on this site that i ship direct. You can track shirt orders and status at the  bottom of the Threadless page. I use Threadless because I like the quality, variety of styles offered and the rare fact that they have a very fair artist share. It's worth the extra wait. Allow extra time if you need for a special date. Thank You!